2022 Ignyte Award Finalist for Best Short Story, “The Fifth Horseman,” at Fireside Magazine. Read more here. Vote here.

Game Design

Game Design Portfolio & DnD 5e Homebrew Materials

Grim Hollow: Valikan Clans – forthcoming from Ghostfire Gaming 

Short Stories

The Angel’s Share,, TBD 2024

Foresight, Lightspeed Magazine, TBD 2023

Dandelions, Lightspeed Magazine, TBD 2023

An Inheritance of Scars, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, April 2023

Her Five Farewells, Lightspeed Magazine, September 2022

√iNightmare Magazine, April 2022

An Urge To Create Honey, Clarkesworld, April 2022

The Book of the Blacksmiths, Fireside Magazine, February 2022

The Fifth HorsemanFireside Magazine, October 2021

These Virtues, These PoisonsBeneath Ceaseless Skies, September 2021

Godmeat – Lightspeed Magazine, May 2018

Salamander Six-Guns – Shimmer Magazine, July 2017

Bear Language – Fireside Magazine, guest edited by Daniel Jose Older, May 2017

A Glass Kiss For the Little Prince of Pain – Beneath Ceaseless Skies, October 2016

It Was Never The Fire – Nightmare Magazine, April 2014

Vanilla – Fireside Magazine, May 2014

Audio Fiction

Batman: The Blind Cut – Realm, Summer 2021 – Written as a team with K. Arsenault Rivera and Catherynne Valente



Playing ‘Tunic’ Reminds Me How to Approach Sickness and Recovery,” – December 2022

My Mental Health Is Like Playing a Metroidvania Game—I Take It One Step at a Time,” – July 2022

Ghostfire Gaming

Barnes and Noble Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog

Book Riot

Strange Horizons

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