Hi friends,

I’ll keep this brief, as I don’t post much over here these days, though I’d like to. A lot has happened and is happening, all of us caught up in the hours and days. That in those hours and days, you may have chosen to spend some time with me, in the worlds I’ve made? Thank you. Beyond anything, I’m always grateful for readers choosing to spend time with my words and my worlds.


For your consideration for nomination this year, I have four fiction stories that were published in 2022 that I would be honored to be considered. Those stories are as follows:

The Book of the BlacksmithsFireside Magazine, February 2022 – 1567 words

A team of clones work to reignite a dying star. Why they do the work they do, they don’t know. And so, their newest self works to chronicle their lives and understand what it all means.

An Urge To Create Honey, Clarkesworld, April 2022 – 4680 words

A hivemind of aliens sends one of their newest drones home to his old space station, to act as ambassador and consultant between warring nations. They saved him, turning a human on the edge of death into them. Can he now save them, when given the chance?

√iNightmare Magazine, April 2022 – 1224 words

It is fundamentally irrational to know how frequent school shootings are, to do nothing of substance to change it, with the only solution being for our children to weather it. You cannot make sense of the horrific. This flash fiction piece explores that to its logical conclusion.

Her Five Farewells, Lightspeed Magazine, September 2022 – 2941 words

On the planet of Exechar, there is no death, merely rejuvenation. But when a despot gains access to that process, a leader will undergo death to defy him. And Mr. Chrym, a craftsman, is tasked with building his planet’s first coffin. There is meaning in mourning. Death is not something to be feared.


For your consideration for nomination this year, I have two pieces of creative non-fiction that were published in 2022 that I would be honored to be considered. Those essays are as follows:

My Mental Health Is Like Playing a Metroidvania Game—I Take It One Step at a Time,” – July 2022, Catapult

Through the interrogation of the Metroidvania style of video games, I explore my relationship with mental health, anxiety, storytelling, and more.

Playing ‘Tunic’ Reminds Me How to Approach Sickness and Recovery,” – December 2022, Catapult

I caught COVID right as I was playing Tunic, a game of exploration and tenacity, where you are a stranger to this world and this world is fighting you at every turn. I explore sickness, my relationship with my body and health, COVID, trauma, and more.


It was a really lovely year with some really incredible milestones, personally and professionally. I’ll talk more about those soon, in some form or another.

But in the meantime, if you read my work and enjoyed it, I’d be honored to be considered for your nominations this year.



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