Hi there! Please find below the fiction work I published in this past year that’s eligible for award nomination in 2022.

Those Virtues, Those Poisons,” is a short story I wrote that came out in September 2021 with Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

The Fifth Horseman,” is a short story that came out in October 2021 with Fireside Magazine, guest edited by Yanni Kuznia.

Batman: The Blind Cut came out from August 2021 through October 2021 with Realm; I was part of a writing team with K. Arsenault Rivera and Catherynne Valente.

I would be absolutely honored if you considered any of the above for award nominations in 2022, or included them on the SFWA Nebula Reading list and other Recommended Reading Lists for 2021. As always, I’m nothing but grateful to the editors who have published me this year, and to my readers, who gave me the gift of their time and trust.

For my non-fiction, I primarily wrote reviews for Tor.com and loved doing so. I’ve also done personal essays on occasion that I feel strongly about and would be happy to have them considered for criticism or fan writing.

My book reviews and criticism can be found here.

My personal essay on the video game Hades, survival, and 2020 can be found here: Surviving a Hell of a Year With Hades

Thanks so much for reading and for your consideration! I feel very lucky to have work scheduled for 2022 and promise to get back to blogging/essays when I can.


Your Pal,


image used for Batman The Blind Cut

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