Hey Gang,

Thank ye for thy patience. Supremely overloaded with Life and BEA and work stuff. So, here it is! Thank you to everyone who entered and provided me with entertainment and laughter and wishful thinking for future sitcoms with your storyifying Chuck.

Normally I let the d20 of Fate roll, but upon glimpsing this insanity, I had no choice but to reward the soul who wrote this. Without further ado, the winning entry from Matt Jackson:

“I would separate Chuck into four broad generalities of Chuck-ness and with each one replace a member of the bridge crew of Star Trek:TOS. Captain Cherk would be played by the Chuck some of us have been fortunate to meet, Real Life Chuck. Advising Captain R.L. Cherk is SpockChuck, the plotter, the portion of Chuck that writes outlines and would love it if love weren’t an emotion. SpockChuck is the analytical writing mind. The creative side, the part that lets him turn a colorful phrase involving the manner in which dogs procreate and how like or unlike one’s mother that may be is BonesChuck. Dammit, he’s a Penmonkey, not a glitter-strewn dildo-corn!

And of course down in engineering we have a certain other kind of Chuck we all know and love…the rest of the crew has nicknamed him Scotchy.

Uhura will be played by one Miriam Black herself. If Capt. Cherk tries any of that kissing bullshit she’ll cut off his balls with her switchblade and put him one those goddamned skirts.

(All apologies to Chuck Wendig and anyone else who reads this).”


No apologies necessary, Matt! Congrats and thanks again to everyone who entered.

Keep an eye on this space for the final giveaway!

(And check out some of those comments, they are golden.)


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