Hello gang, and welcome to the second week of the Reverse Birthday Giveaway, a giveaway a week as we count down to my birthday at the end of the month!

Thank you to those who entered for the previous contest, and whose winner you can find in the previous post.

Bone Season

For this week, I am giving away a signed ARC of Samantha Shannon’s, The Bone Season from Bloomsbury! The first in an intriguing epic fantasy series, The Bone Season follows young, powerful Clairvoyant, Paige Mahoney as she navigates an alternate London, ruled by a shadowy organization, Scion. But when she is arrested by them and sent to a Voyant prison, she soon learns of a worse enemy hiding in Scion-London . . .

Samantha is very kind, a brilliant writer, and an absolute blast to hear talk, (just saw her speak the other night at the 92nd Y in NYC). She was gracious enough to sign this extra copy, and I would love to give it to someone who has yet to encounter The Bone Season!

To enter, comment below and answer this: If you could have any magical ability, what would it be and why?

And that’s it! Contest will run until midnight on Saturday, the 17th!


5 thoughts on “Reverse Birthday Giveaway: The Bone Season

  1. I think I’m going to go with teleportation. I love to go new places, but I don’t usually have the time to travel there and back. So, if I could pop in and out that would be lovely. Or, barring that, I’ll take the ability to learn any language in the world, written or spoken. Granted, I think that’s technically already a mutant power, but then, so is teleportation because mutants are really just magic with a science label pasted over the top.

  2. My magical ability would be….being able to bring peacefulness to anyone I touch. Imagine the world with THAT magical power!!

  3. Hi!
    I’m not sure if the giveaway is open internationally, but here goes anyway.
    So, my first thought was mind-reading, but I don’t really want to know everyone’s dirty little secrets, despite the usefulness of such a gift. So I’d say flying if I was being selfish – for the pure enjoyment of it (and to avoid traffic), and healing if I was being unselfish … It would depend on the day, I guess!

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