First giveaway!

(The basis of which can be found here)


Geeks Guide

I came into an extra copy of this from Quirk Books and I would love to give it away to someone! A fun, cute and quirky (pun definitely intended) guide to dating in the world of geekdom, this awesome book by my buddy Mix Master Eric Smith is not one to pass up. Now that Spring has sprung, there is no book better to help you find your geeky love!

And to sweeten the pot, this book has been signed by the author himself! How’s that for honey?



RULES: Post your ideal geeky date below in the comments! (Tastefully friends, anything unseemly does not make it past the Admin Bots).

You have until midnight, Saturday the 10th!

I will choose a winner then, and post the next giveaway a week from today!


2 thoughts on “Reverse Birthday Giveaway: The Geek’s Guide To Dating

  1. A night in with something like Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Marvel, or Lord of the Rings and popcorn. Or a night out with dinner, whatever’s geeky in theaters, and ice cream.

  2. My ideal geeky date would be at an arcade. It’s casual, competitive and an overall fun atmosphere.

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