The holidays were here in a flash and just as soon, were gone. Christmas, gone in a day, 2013 was gone all in a night, and now we’re here, blinking our eyes in the light of the new year.

I mean, it’s February, and I know I’m terribly late to this kind of post, but I’ve been busy, so cut a guy some slack.

From there, my brother Mike and I were whisked away into the dark of the air, and sent across the ocean, to visit my twin in Ukraine as he does Peace Corps work: teaching English, sports, being a generally helpful and compassionate human being.

That’s a whole other post, my experience there, but trust me when I say it was nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. So, y’know . . . good times.

And since I’ve come back, well . . . just the usual, I suppose.

Work. Work. Work. Sleep? No, work, just kidding.

I’ve got some work that’s floating around out there, trapped in the breeze, hoping that someone likes it enough to pluck it from the air and bring it home. So we’ll see how that works out. I’m also working on a new project, a novel-y thing. So fingers crossed I can keep up with that with my work schedule. Keep an eye peeled on the blog, as I’m hoping to have something cool involving you guys and this novel thing.

Aside from that, just trying to keep my head above water and find time to write. Working every day of the week ain’t too conducive to the writing life. But you find time as you can. I’ve started dragging my sleep addled mind to bear, and writing on my morning commutes to the city. I force myself to stay up, and get some work at night. Force myself to get up early so I can write before the afternoon shift.

It sucks, but you gotta make the time. Writers gotta write. It’s kind of, y’know . . . their thing.

Let’s see, what else . . .

Oh! Nightmare Magazine will be publishing my story in their April issue, only a few months away, with my story for Fireside coming up right after that in May. Look for an interview with Nightmare too, should be fun.

I’m also hoping to get back into the reviewing habit for this blog. Much as I love talking bout myself, I want to offer more than just my own “wah, writing is hard,” monologues. So keep an eye peeled for those.

And that’s it for now. More as it develops, later at the news at 5.



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