Life has a nasty habit of getting in the way of my blogging. A recent promotion, the holiday season, terrible 16 hour work days and a potential third freelance gig have conspired to take me away from the sweet, sweet love of WordPress.

But, I am back my friends, and all for one very important reason: National Novel Writing Month.

Yes, it is that time of year again, friends, that time when friends, family and fun are left behind so that we can begin climbing that mountain of 50,000 steps, that peak that seems so far away at the beginning, but soon is found to be conquerable.

I will be doing my fourth Nano this year and I encourage you all to join me. Now, disclaimer, I AM cheating a bit. I will not be starting a fresh project tomorrow at 12:01 AM. Rather, I am using Nano to add 50,000 words onto the novel project I have already begun work on.

Is this cheating? Am I a bad person? Maybe. If you wish to banish me outside the circle around the fire, I will understand.

However, if you can forgive me for this, then come along with me, on this most NaNo of journeys. Whether you’re an established writer who needs a boost in motivation, to get work done, or a new writer, ready to take the plunge into Novel Land, come along.

I will be posting an essay every day here at the blog, all about writing, with tips and tricks for NaNoWriMo, as well as writing in general. I’ll also post some beer love up here as well, since it seems like it’s been forever since I’ve done that.

As always, this disclaimer: There are no absolute truths to writing, nor especially to writing advice. I am terribly underqualified to shill out what I believe to be advice, especially to new authors. I am not the Be All/End All of writing advice.

But I do know some things, and maybe some of those are true. If anything, maybe you will find them helpful.

It starts tomorrow.

If you’ve always wanted to write, if you’ve never had the motivation or support or confidence, well, you have it here. Take up thy pen and start writing.

1,667 words a day. 30 Days. One story.

Let’s do this.


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