Firestone Walker, a wonderful brewery out west, stopped by our bar the other day for one of our ever-so-delicious Thursday tastings, and not only did they bring by some of their best, (Wookey Jack Black Rye IPA, Double Jack IPA, and more), they brought by a special treat: One of their first bottles of Parabola, an Imperial Stout aged in bourbon. Ladies and gents, this is one helluva beer.


Rich smoky flavor, dark, bitter chocolate, sweet vanilla and espresso notes, with a heavy, potent dark malt and a biting touch of bourbon, Parabola stands at the top of its class. Such a complex beer with so many things going on, there’s a lot to love about Parabola.

Very rare, and very delicious, I’d highly recommend this to anyone with a taste for stouts and love of barrel aged work.

Well done, Firestone Walker.


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