And by life thing, I mean, “Boy, does that get in the way of blogging or what?”

Evening, True Believers.

I’m sorry I’ve been so absent these past few weeks. Life got its claws in me and dragged me back to reality for a while. Book selling and beer pouring and party going and car driving and shakespeare doing and all that good stuff.

But, even when incredibly tired, the writing continues, the stories demand release. And so I have been doing that, writing when I get the chance.

Hmmm . . . so in my absence, here are some fun things that have happened.

My erstwhile twin and womb-buddy, Brendan, came home from his time in Ukraine, (where he is doing successful Peace Corps dealies, like teaching kids how to make homemade pizza, and how to fight with nunchuks [kidding Brendan, please don’t hurt me]).

Family Time

It was a really great time seeing him, catching up, beating the hell out of each other, as brothers are wont to do. He’s doing some great work over in Ukraine and I’m super proud of him.

Takes a lot for a guy to just up and GO, you know? Drop everything and hit that ol’ dusty trail? Takes a lotta balls. Good on ya, brother. Keep up the good work.

So seeing him was a good time, despite the quick visit. Two weeks here and gone. But he’s back, and already working hard, meeting with ambassadors and the like.

Oh! Some links!

Here’s a piece I wrote for The Ranting Dragon, explaining how The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss is my nomination for the Great Fantasy Novel.

Also, Fireside Magazine will be publishing my story, “Vanilla,” in their May 2014 issue! If you don’t read Fireside, you should definitely check them out. Great stories in every sort of genre by some very good-looking and brilliant writers. Check them out here!


Also, I’m going to be doing some blogging with Quirk Books, one of the most fun and inventive publishers out there right now. So keep an eye out for that. (Also, if you’re not following Eric Smith on Twitter, then, well . . . I don’t know, something just ain’t right, though. Here, fix it: @ericsmithrocks).

Alright, gotta wrap this up. But I did want to say, I talk about books and lot on here, and of course beer, because both are delicious things. However, for all my talk of writing, I don’t really TALK about writing. I want to change that. I want to actually talk about craft, y’know, like it says in the title.

So keep an eye out for those.

We’ll return you to your regularly scheduled writing/book/beer blog soon.

Night kids.

Bren Ukraine

PS: My brother, the Knight of Flowers.




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