Light of my love, fire of my soul . . . Perennial Brewery can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned. Their Abraxis is strange and delicious, their Fantastic Voyage is sweet and smooth, and their Homefront IPA is the most drinkable IPA I know of right now.


Sitting in the shadow of Anhauser-Busch, Perennial is an independent brewery best known for their artisanal beers. With bold styles and new approaches, Perennials has made a name for themselves synonymous with flavor.

Of their many delicious brews, the one to keep an eye out for is the Homefront IPA. One of nine breweries to brew this specialty beer, using orange peel and aged with maple baseball bats, all its proceeds are going to Operation Homefront, which provides emergency financial support to military families.


Its light and smooth with a light pine/citrus taste, and if you’re any fan of IPAs, it’s worth a taste.


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