Trying something new this week. I want to tell you about a wonderful brewery just shy of New Paltz, with a lot of heart (no pun intended), and a ton of flavor.

Ladies and Gents, I give you Newburgh Brewery:

FDY Newburgh

Nestled against the Hudson River, Newburgh Brewery is a fairly recent addition to the craft beer movement, but damn if it isn’t fantastic. I have a friend up in Newburgh, and she always raves about the taproom, the beer, the food. Having experienced their C.A.F.E. Sour at my own bar, I knew I was in for something special. So I drove and met up with my friend at Newburgh and got to tasting.

I actually got a chance to meet one of the owners, a very nice guy named Paul, who let me sample some of his wares and steered me toward some tasty stuff. First draft was their Brown Ale, an incredibly drinkable, light, toffee and chocolate noted drink. Then I had their new wheat rye sour beer, the Roggensauer, mixed with an organic, locally farmed blueberry syrup that was so light and jam packed with flavor, I thought I’d died and gone to beer heaven. I ended the visit on the riverBREW Crown Maple Irish Red, a red ale with a sweet but subtle maple syrup goodness to it. Pair those with a delicious artisanal grilled cheese with rosemary-garlic fries and well, I had a hard time leaving if you can believe it.

Paul, being a boss. From Hudson Valley Magazine, Craft Beer Special
Paul, being a boss.
From Hudson Valley Magazine, Craft Beer Special

Packed with friendly folks, delicious food and beers that focus more on big flavor than a high ABV, Newburgh Brewery is one to watch and definitely one to visit. Thanks to Paul and his staff for the warm welcome and I hope to make it back there as soon as I can!



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