Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for being so kind to me in my absence. I had to go away for a bit and perform some Shakespeare. I tell you, nothing is more fun than reciting the Bard in 95 degree weather under a wig and four layers of clothing. I’ve only just now woken from my heat coma, and I’m back to blogging!

This week in If Books Were Beer, I’m talking about one of my favorite series and how it matches one of my favorite beers!

Kevin Hearne

If you haven’t been reading The Iron Druid Chronicles by DJ Master McMarvelous Kevin Hearne, than you should, y’know . . . probably go do that. Following the exploits of a 2,100 year old Irish druid who goes by the name Atticus, his talking Irish wolfhound, Oberon, and newest recruit to the druidic cause, the lovely/ass-kicking Granuaile, The Iron Druid Chronicles are my go-to for fun, energetic fantasy. Bursting at the seams with mythology, magic and ever growing stakes from page one, Hearne has crafted one of the best urban fantasy books on the shelves today.

When thinking of the beer for this series, I had to find one with a good balance: something that was sweet and delicious while at the same time respecting the dark places the book can go. Even though the books have an enjoyable and fun feel, they still deal with death, murder, and darkness; these things cannot be forgotten. The beer also needed to have shades of the earth as well, since nature is so important to the titular Iron Druid and friends.

So, let’s say hello to the Iron Druid brew, Anderson Valley’s Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout:

Barney Flats

A rich, dark and creamy brew with notes of bitter chocolate and coffee, sweet caramel and earthy oats, Barney Flats is the perfect beer for the Iron Druid Chronicles. Pouring smooth, it has a wonderfully dark color, like freshly tilled soil. With its potent roasty coffee and chocolate working with the deep malt, against the sweet touch of caramel, cherries and oats, it is the perfect combination of bitter and sweet.

Barney Flats is also brewed with organic ingredients, at an ecologically committed brewery, doing its best to reduce its footprint on planet Earth, taking care of the environment while brewing delicious beer (which I know Atticus would appreciate).


Anderson Valley’s Barney Flats is a wonderful beer that encapsulates the Iron Druid Chronicles. Equal parts bitter and sweet, light and dark, it goes hand in hand with the continuing adventures of Atticus, Granuaile and Oberon, as they try to keep their heads attached to their necks while messing with every god this side of Olympus and Hel.


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