On any given day, my pick of beer is going to be a stout or porter. Just the way it is. Although I am growing to like IPAs, give me something dark and malty any day.

However, as the sun hugs the earth and warms us ever so, my taste buds make way for lighter fare. And as an Irishman, whose natural enemy is the sun, even I sometimes must venture out into the heat. On such days, a stout isn’t going to cut it.

That’s why this beautiful, golden blonde ale from Victory Brewing, is my new favorite summer beer. Folks, meet Summer Love:


Sitting at a beautiful 5.2% ABV and shimmering like the sunrise, Summer Love is a light, refreshing beer for those hazy July and August days, when all you can hear are the crack of baseball bats and the smell of the grill is the only thing motivating you to get out of your chair.

Using German hops and a pale malt blend, Victory has crafted a beer that only quenches your thirst in the summer sun, but is incredibly delicious at the same time. Light touches of citrus, notably lemon and orange, along with its bright, pale malts, brings a subtle and welcoming taste to Summer Love.

Light, sweet and cold. If you need any beer like that this summer, then Summer Love by Victory is your winner.


One thought on “Beer of the Week: Summer Love

  1. Any self respecting Irishman hates cold beer 🙂

    Otherwise great writing…makes me want one and I don’t even drink!

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