I’m not a big IPA guy. Known for their earthy, bitter taste, IPAs are one of the most well-known and beloved craft beers out there. They pack big flavor and high alcohol. Half the fun is just choosing which hop strain you’re going to brew with. I’m coming to appreciate IPAs, as my palette learns how to be a palette, and this one is on the top of my charts.

Say hello to the Sculpin IPA by Ballast Point:


Named after the Sculpin fish, this beer packs as much punch as one of their stingers. Coming in at a smooth 7% ABV, with a rich, orange/gold hue, Sculpin IPA is one of the highest rated IPAs on Beeradvocate and rightly so.

It has a very harmonious balance between its hops and malts, and goes down like velvet. Earthy and bitter without being overpowering, Sculpin also some really nice citrus notes as well, giving it a bit of a tangy, orange like flavor in addition to its rich pine flavor. It finishes dry on your palate, and leaves ready for more. I’d pair this with food, as the many rich flavors of the beer will only highlight and draw out the taste of what you’re eating, rather than wreck it like other, stronger IPAs.

Like I said, I’m not an IPA guy, but I’m growing to love them, all thanks to Sculpin.


2 thoughts on “Beer of the Week: Sculpin IPA

    1. Oh, very nice!

      Yeah, not a massive IPA guy, but Sculpin sits with me just right. But most days, I’m happiest with a nice porter or stout.

      What’s your favorite go-to beer?

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