Gods. Monsters. Heroes. Poetry. Tricks. Songs. Blades. Love.

If you were looking for anything more Classic than the ancient Greek epics of The Iliad and The Odyssey, I’m not certain you’re going to find it. These two epics are some of the most beloved, studied and well read in the whole canon of Classic Literature. And as such, these ancient stories must be treated with care and reverence and some, how you say . . . deliciousness.ImageImage

Now in thinking about this brew, I knew it would have to be something that seems ancient beyond its years, but also modern, with enough qualities to last the ages. Luckily, I remembered just the one: Midas Touch by Dogfish Head Brewing.


Using a recipe recovered from drinking vessels 2,700 years old in the tomb of King Midas, Dogfish Head set to brewing a beer in that ancient vein of drinking. Using that same recipe, Dogfish Head produced a beer that has more in common with wine or mead, with its light, dry taste than with most beers.

It’s a sweet, dry beer with many fruit notes to it, including honey, saffron, white grapes, and more. It pours with a golden hue and is a strong enough (at an ABV of 9%), and delicious enough brew for any hero far from home.

Pour plentiful ye heroes and heroines and drink this delicious, ancient brew while reading the epics beneath a blazing sun.


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