I think you’re beginning to get a sense of what beers I enjoy, as we circle in on the delicious and dark baltic porter by Sixpoint, 3Bean!


Coming in at a high ABV of 10%, this is a robust beer, with a lot of big flavors hiding in its dark swirl. Brewed using a mix of cacao beans, coffee beans and romano beans, 3Bean is classic in its concept, and executes it perfectly, delivering one helluva stout.

Pouring smooth from a wonderfully artistic can, (which Sixpoint distributes in solely, meaning you can drink these outside in parks and whatnot!), 3Bean has a heavy nose of malt, chocolate and coffee, while its high ABV gives it a slight boozy quality.

The taste of this is big and rightfully so. Bittersweet chocolate, a lot of nice coffee notes, milky sweet smoothness with just a hint of that higher alcohol content riding out at the end at the back of the tongue, 3Bean is a beer to be sipped and enjoyed slowly. It is, in my opinion, one of the kings of dark beers and every time I have it, I discover new things about its complex flavor.

If you enjoy your dark beers with big flavors, 3Bean is a sure fire hit.


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