This week’s beer is a sparkling ale so complex and floral, it can turn even non-beer drinkers to it’s influence. It’s like the Dark Side of beers. Today, I give you Imperial Compass, by Southern Tier Brewing.


Southern Tier is quickly becoming one of my favorite breweries, with such interesting and delicious brews like this and their Plum Noir, (which I will cover soon).

Imperial Compass is a solid 9.0 ABV but will fool you with its light, sweet touch. Designed to be a “sparkling ale,” this beer has a lot in common with sparkling cider and champagne, with its very lively and bubbly body. This, combined with it’s sweet nature, are enough to entice a non-beer drinker.

Pour this beer cold into a fluted glass, and watch the liquid gold build. It’s going to spark and snap at you like little cracks of lightning but don’t be intimidated. Stick your nose in there and you’ll get a rich bouquet of rose hips, belgian yeast, and sweet, citrus hop notes.

It has a high ABV, but it’s taste is enough to make you drink it slow, so you don’t miss anything this beer has to offer. When you taste it, you’ll note only get notes of the nose in your palate, you’ll also get many fruit notes, such as lime and oranges, backing up those citrus hops.

Take this drink to the high seas, and enjoy. Let Compass help steer you back toward Flavor City.


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