Leslie Knope is everything you could want out of a character: She’s passionate about her parks and her friends, makes inappropriate remarks about her husband’s body, socially awkward to the point where freshmen in high school feel cooler than her and at the end of the day, all she wants is a good waffle with whipped cream . . . and maybe a history documentary.

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I’m going to be honest with you: I’ve never made waffles from scratch. There! I said it! THROW YOUR STONES, I WILL TAKE THE PAIN.

I lived in the household growing up where Bisquick was the shady, back alley breakfast shortcut that helped us with all sorts of breaking fast tricks.

(Hmmm, Breaking Fast. I wonder what Bryan Cranston is up to these days?).

So, in lieu of just cutting and copying a waffle recipe, LIKE THE FRAUD I AM, I’m going to suggest finding a really killer waffle recipe on Google, or even turning to that breakfast shortcut, Bisquick. Because in the end, it’s all waffles. And Leslie Knope wouldn’t care.

What she would care about, is what you put on top of said waffles.

So here are some suggestions, worthy of a Yes, We Can’t Not Knope! badge.

1: Whipped Cream – Go ahead, turn that breakfast into a dessert worthy of Lil’ Sebastian! If you’re feeling extra crazy, Treat Yo’ Self to some syrup and powdered sugar on top of that.

2: Fruit – I know Leslie wouldn’t approve, but for the Chris Traegers of the world, who don’t want to die by sugar overdose, throwing some fruit on top makes this a great healthy breakfast option.

3: Chocolate Chips – Screw health. Put some chocolate chips in with that bad boy and feel good about yourself. And then bad about yourself when you have another. Your feelings will probably break even with a third one.

4: Bacon – If Ron had his druthers, he’s sneak bacon into the batter. So do that. Because bacon. If you need more reasons, refer to the previous sentence, and then put it in all caps.

5: Vanilla – Throw some of that into the batter, regardless. Adds a bit of sweetness to your waffle of choice!

Waffles are a blank canvas breakfast treat. They go well with just about anything!

And if you’re looking for more Waffles choices, take a peek at this delicious post by Buzzfeed: 24 Very Important Ways Next-Level Waffles.


Enjoy gang!


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