Welcome to If Books Were Beer!

Today, we look at the great classic, the wonderful blue and gold and oh-my-god-what-sad-eyes-you-have covered, dreaded Summer Reading, birthed from the brain of Fitz and reshaped by Luhrman, novel: The Great Gatsby!


Here we have a staple of American literature, exploring the decadence, depression and social class structure of Jazz Age America. Cynics, party-goers, millionaires and more abound in these pages, as Fitzgerald tells a cautionary tale of love, hope and empathy between people.

I know that The Great Gatsby, while sad, wouldn’t be a dark beer, and while flashy, wouldn’t be light. It would not be sweet, despite the love between Jay and Daisy, and it would not be refreshing, despite the earnestness, if sketchy, narration of Nick.

No, only one type of beer comes to mind and even then, one brand in particular marked this as the beer this book would be.

Lagunitas Sucks IPA


Known for their earthy, sharp qualities and golden hue, Lagunitas Sucks IPA is the beer The Great Gatsby would be, (and will be, one my Literature To Liquid Transmorgification machine is back from the shop).

Golden without being bright, dark without being night, Lagunitas Sucks deftly captures that Jazz Age color. And when it comes to Flavortown, here is where Lagunitas and Jay Gatsby pair beautifully. Lagunitas Sucks IPA is in fact a double IPA, meaning there are twice the hops equalling twice the bitterness. This bitter, earthy taste pairs just so with the hardened, cynical points of views of our characters in The Great Gatsby.

Both are not easy to get through. Both must be sipped and savored and enjoyed. Both must be appreciated for their taste, their elegance and respected for their sheer flavor.

And hopefully, if you get your hands on either, I hope you treat them responsibly.


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