I have a confession to make.

I’ve only just discovered beer.

Now, I don’t mean beer as an entity or beer as an abstract concept. I know beer. I went to college, damn it.

What I should be confessing I mean, is that I’ve only just discovered good beer.

When you’re in college, if it at one point was a plant and now had turned into a liquid with alcohol in it, what did you care? I walked that darkened path for many moons and it wasn’t until I started working at a local craft beer bar, (keep in mind the word craft, it comes into play again later), that I discovered what good beer could be.

Before, it was all just beer. But now . . . IPAs, Stouts, Porters, Lagers, Ales, Brown Ales, Nitros, Sours, Lambics, Double IPA, Belgians, Wheat, the list goes on. The longer I work there, the more I learn. I bring a six pack home of different beers every few weeks, just to taste, to explore, to see what my palate loves and what it doesn’t.

Good beer is something I’ve started taking a passion in, and figure what could be better than combining all my passions in one place?

This blog is going to be a tribute to, an appreciation of, my passions: Good Beer, Great Food, Beautiful Books. Craft Books is going to be the place where these all collide.


So, thanks for joining me. And whether you love good beer, or have a passion for food, or just love to read great stories, there’s going to be something for you here.




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